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Source: Kansas State University's myFields Sugarcane Aphid Tracker.
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Defense Against The Sugarcane Aphid Guide
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The Sorghum Checkoff recently released the Defense Against the Sugarcane Aphid booklet in order to provide more information to growers. The goal of the document is to assist growers in effectively managing the pest to avoid yield and revenue loss. The 20-page document covers topics from identifying the aphid and its effects to scouting techniques and when to treat.

Tolerant Hybrids

The table below lists those sorghum hybrids that have been identified over the last two years that have tolerance to the sugarcane aphid based on university and other independent trials. All of the hybrids listed are being marketed by their respective seed companies as sugarcane aphid tolerant. This is not a complete list and companies may be promoting additional hybrids as sugarcane aphid tolerant. Only those hybrids that have been identified by a third party have been included here.

Alta SeedsAG1201Early
Alta SeedsAG1203Med-Early
Alta SeedsAG1301Med-Early
B-H Genetics4100Medium
B-H Genetics3616Early
DekalbDKS 37-07Med-Early
DekalbDKS 48-07Medium
Dyna-Gro SeedDG 742cMed-Early
Dyna-Gro SeedM60GB31Med-Early
Dyna-Gro SeedM60GB88Med-Early
Dyna-Gro SeedM73GR55Med-Full
Dyna-Gro SeedM74GB17Med-Full
Frontier HybridsF279Early
Frontier HybridsF305Med-Early
Golden Acres3960BMedium
Golden AcresH-390WMed-Early
Heartland GeneticsHG35WMed-Early
NuTech SeedGS 636Med-Early
Richardson SeedsRS260EMed-Full
Richardson SeedsSprint W FGMed-Early
Sorghum PartnersSP 73B12Med-Full
Sorghum PartnersSP7715Med-Full
Sorghum PartnersSP 78M30Med-Full
Warner SeedsW-7051Med-Full
Warner SeedsW-844-EMed-Full
B-H GeneticsBH 3400Early
Richardson SeedsSwiftEarly
Summer Select79BEarly
Arrow SeedAS216Early
Legend SeedsLGS 5001Early
Koerperich SeedsKSR48Early
Meherrin AgSH47G4Early
Munson SeedMGS 265 ATEarly
Allied Genetics51R44Early
Munson SeedMGS 251 ATMed-Full
Meherrin AgSH80G4Med-Full
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